Easily Distracted

I find it difficult to write.  There is nothing I love to do more then to write.  But I can’t do it sometimes.

Right now I am sitting in a bed room at my parents house, looking out of a wind watching the rain.  I easily get mesmorised by the rain, especially it hitting the glass window.  It’s like looking at thousands of photographs, all connected but all unique.  Rain, especially summer rain, can consume hours of my life.  Hours that should be spent writing.

There’s so much I want to write.  But I find the minutes slip by, the hours fade away and all the time I’m not doing the work I want to do.  I think it’s a difficult side of writing to express.  People who have a burning desire to play sports do just that.  They train, change their diet, perfect their craft.  They will dedicate everything they have to that pursuit.  Writers do the same.  Every decision I make is in the pursuit of being a better writer.  But I still find it difficult to actually write.

Before starting a project I spend a lot of time thinking.  I go through the plot I want to write, the issues I want to discuss and I spend time with the characters.  The characters are especially important to get to know before I start the real work.  I like to spend time in their company, thinking about what type of people they are.

Perhaps this is a bad habit to get into.  There is a point where it can become almost self-indulgent, where it becomes an obstacle to writing rather then an essential part of the process.

There are many projects ‘lined up’ in my mind ready for me to work on.  If I’m honest there are probably four or five different works that I am currently occupied on.  Each one like a nagging child trying to gain my attention.  Some have so far had years of my life spent on them, others I’ve been living with for only a short period of time.

I know that if I could just focus on one project at a time I would be able to complete them a lot smother and actually achieve what I want to.

I guess really I should stop writing this blog and get on with the work I’m supposed to do today.

J.J. Wright

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