My Writing: Mars Encounter Prequel Stories – Why write a prequel

Recently I blogged about my ebook Mars Encounter: Prequel Stories, I wanted to revisit why I chose to write this collection of short stories and what I learnt as a writer.

There were several reasons for writing a collection of short stories set in the same universe as my main story from the novel Mars Encounter.  Firstly it gave me an opportunity to explore the wider fictional universe I had created.  In Mars Encounter 17 year old Justin discovers that the human race has already settled on Mars and is living alongside the native Martian races.  A world wide conspiracy has developed since the 1960’s to keep this secret.  The collection of short stories allowed me to explore this wider universe without infringing on the main ‘cannon’ storyline.  This included developing a second set of characters that run alongside the main story.  This developing of the universe meant that readers who enjoyed the main book could find more in a collection of short stories, but this wouldn’t be essential reading to enjoy the main thread of the story.

The second reason for writing this collection was that I wanted the main book to be a pay-to-download.  I’m a relatively new writer without much of a following (except for you lovely blog readers out there).  Sometimes people are reluctant to pay for a book from an author they haven’t heard of before, especially when there are so many free-to-download titles available.  By creating a smaller book that is free to download it gives people the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ and hopefully in a more interesting way then the standard sample chapter method that other authors widely utilise.  So it was partly done for commercial reasons, with a view to help increase sales of the main book.

When promoting the novel Mars Encounter I wrote a series of essays about my love for science fiction.  These were short pieces used to help promote the book and we put on my old website.  It seemed a shame to leave these in blog form when I’m sure people enjoyed reading their nostalgic point of view of old sci-fi.  The third reason for writing the prequel book was to have somewhere to put these essays.  The short stories show some background of the main story and hopefully these essays show why I chose to write the story that I did.

I hope you’ve found this exploration of the Mars Encounter: Prequel Stories useful.  If you would like to read this collection of short stories (its a free download) then please click here.

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J.J. Wright

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