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Book cover for Mars Encounter
Mars Encounter, the 1st book in the Mars Encounter Series. What would you do if you discovered their were humans already living on Mars? Would you join them?
Book cover for Mars Encounter: Prequel Stories
A collection of short stories and essays released at part of the 1st Mars Encounter novel.
Book cover for Skate Park: Lucy and the Skate Park
The 1st story in the Skate Park series. Lucy is new to the skate park, she meets new friends and tries to see where she fits in.
Book cover for Skate Park: Danny and the Supreme Ultimate Mega Champion of the Entire Universe
The 2nd story in Skate Park series. The big competition is coming to the Skate Park and Danny is playing to win, as always. But competition comes from an unlikely source.
Cover for Skate Park: Victoria and the Petition
The 3rd book in the Skate Park series. Victoria and the gang have to move quickly to stop the Skate Park from being taken over.
Book cover for Intergalactic Sweet Shop
A comedy sci-fi novel. Humans are finally leaving the solar system and venturing out to be among the stars, but it wont by humanities best and brightest.