Mars Encounter

Book cover for Mars Encounter
Mars Encounter, the 1st book in the Mars Encounter Series. What would you do if you discovered their were humans already living on Mars? Would you join them?

Mars Encounter is J.J. Wright’s first YA Fiction novel.  Published in 2017 by Half A Cup of Coffee, Mars Encounter has already been welcomed as a fresh approach to Sci-Fi conspiracy fiction.

Justin is an aurphan living in Brixton, London.  He’s been in and out of care homes his entire life and has nothing to look forward to in the future.  Then one day he sits an exam which changes everything.  Soon Justin discovers that there is life on Mars, two tribes who have fought against each other since the beginning of time and now they are joined by humans.  Life on Earth was hard, but will Mars be any easier.

We also meet the men and women already on the red planet, see their day-to-day struggles and learn how hard life on Mars can really be.

Also available is Mars Encounter: Prequel Stories a collection of short stories set in the same universe.  Mars Encounter: Prequel Stories is available as a free download so it’s a great way of trying before you buy the main novel.

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