Mars Encounter: Prequel Stories

Book cover for Mars Encounter: Prequel Stories
A collection of short stories and essays released at part of the 1st Mars Encounter novel.

Mars Encounter: Prequel Stories is a collection of short stories set in the Mars Encounter universe.  Some of these stories are deleted chapters from the main novel, some add background story.  Also included is a completely new adventure with an additional set of characters which runs along side the main novel.  So if you have read Mars Encounter or not there is something new for you here.

Humans are living and working on Mars, only it must be kept secret from the Earth bound population. Those with special skills are taken by a secret organisation and are put to work on Mars. This collection is their stories.

A total of seven short stories are included here. Six were released in the build up to the Mars Encounter novel coming out with the other one a special bonus story written just for this edition. Also included is a series of essays by the author of his love of science fiction.

Mars Encounter: Prequel Stories includes a collection of essays written by J.J. Wright in the build up to the release of Mars Encounter.  These essays are reviews of Science Fiction stories/universes which have inspired J.J. Wright in his writing.

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Mars Encounter: Prequel Stories is available as a free download and is ideal for fans of Mars Encounter or those who are new to the work of J.J. Wright.

Mars Encounter: Prequel Stories by J.J. Wright is available as a free download from: