Skate Park: Lucy and the Skate Park

Book cover for Skate Park: Lucy and the Skate Park
The 1st story in the Skate Park series. Lucy is new to the skate park, she meets new friends and tries to see where she fits in.

The 1st story in J.J. Wright’s Skate Park series.  Lucy is new to the skate park.  Her parents have just moved them to the area and Lucy is being forced to make friends.  She enters the scary skate park to find a mass of people their waiting.  Everyone else seems to have known each other for years, so will Lucy be able to fit into the group.

Lucy meets Danny (a skateboarding and roller blading genius who loves to goof off playing in the park all day), Victoria (a geek who is forced by her ‘hippy’ parents to go to the park to socialise and play, she rebels by reading and doing her homework), George (a tom-boy who doesn’t like reminding that she’s a girl), Al (a bmxer who listens to music and tries to keep out of everyone’s way) and Max (Danny’s little annoying brother who just wont leave him alone).

Skate Park continues into a series of adventures had by the kids as they deal with friendships, growing up and the possible closure of the park.  This is the first book in the series and your start into this world of fun and adventure.

This story is available as a free download and is a great introduction to the Skate Park characters and setting.  Skate Park: Lucy and the Skate Park is available to down load from: